Holiday Window Painting

Every year around Christmas I am asked to paint some fun holiday decor on the windows of the restaurant Whitlow’s on Wilson in Arlington, Virginia.  Customers who see me painting are so friendly and intrigued. I love when they stop to talk to me!

I never really know what I’m going to paint ahead of time and luckily Whitlow’s trusts me to come up with something great. This year I painted festive snow people. Local news site, ArlNow, snapped a photo of me while I was painting.

This year I was asked to paint windows on two other local restaurants.  At Ireland’s Four Courts in Courthouse in painted the windows with festive garland and a nutcracker holding an Irish flag. For RedRocks of Old Town Alexandria I painted garland and “Happy Holidays”.  With lights around the inside of the windows it really looked great in the evening.

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